Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To: My WIPs

Dear WIPs,

I'm sorry that I have neglected you so much. Especially you, my sweet and precious Ulmus. It's been 3 weeks since I started you and you've only got 175 of the 335 stitches that your body needs. I apologize profusely for not only finishing a pair of socks, but also casting on and finishing another pair, casting on and getting 1/3 of the way through another, and knitting a toy in the last three weeks. I know that I probably seem so cold, just letting you lay there in front of my while I knit the others. I didn't even think about how that would make you feel, and I feel terrible for that. But I've worked on you today, haven't I? We've come several rows! I need you, my love. I need you and you know you need me. I complete you.

Or rather, I will. Eventually. I promise. I'm not one of those girls who just drops things when it seems rough. I'm going to love you and love you to completion.

Yours always,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Items

This weekend only, White Iris Yarns is offering free shipping on all orders in the US, 50% off shipping to Canada.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New RFOs + OTN + Shop News

Since my last showing, here are the projects I've finished:

Super Nova Toe-Up Monkeys

Mock Them Ankles (for Brit)

And a whole bunch of washcloths.


Currently on the needles are a pair of stockinette socks (toe up with gusset heel a la Wendy Johnson) in my Jonathan colorway as well as my blanket that I started back in August and have finally started working on again. And the last thing I have OTN is an Ulmus. I'm doing this in Malabrigo sock, colorways Cordovan and Lettuce. It was a bit fiddly to get started, but the pattern is pretty intuitive once you do a couple repeats.


White Iris Yarns is now shipping to Canada! And this weekend only (2/12-2/14) will be offering free shipping on all orders in the US, half-off shipping to Canada. I've been dyeing up a storm the last couple days and will have a bunch of new stuff in time for the sale.