Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's get to work!

I've had a fun few days; with a party on Saturday, shopping on Friday, and plenty of quality time with my husband the last two days, today I'm trying to get back into my stride.

First up! I finished some socks that I lovingly dub "Leftovers". Made from leftover Mal sock (Velvet Grapes) and CTH Supersock Select Semi-solids (Blossom), just a simple toe-up st st with a fold-over cuff. Scraps be gone!

Right now, I'm working on a super secret project for my husband. So secret that I cannot tell you what it is, since it's possible that he could read this. Just know that I'll post pictures after I've given it to him.

My Lavendel arrived last Thursday, but I didn't start swatching til Saturday because I was working on the super secret stuff. On Monday night, I started knitting the back and got half-way through the second stripe before I decided to concentrate on knitting the socks. With those out of the way, I'm all clear!

I'm also working hard on getting my act together to start my own business. Things are coming along slowly but surely. I finally have something to be excited about, now that I've actually settled on a name. Supa secert, though. Will divulge more later.

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