Thursday, July 30, 2009

The end of wwm09

Tomorrow marks the end of wwm09.

SWAPPED, completely defeating the purpose of entering it into wwm09!
- Afghan that I started back when I first started knitting that I know I will never finish.

- Black hat for Marchell Sr. (sister #2's fiance).
- Horizontal Rib Socks for Brit (hubby).

- Yellow Washcloth. Finished 7/1/09.
- A green cotton/acrylic hat. Finished 7/1/09.
- A white cotton hat for my friend Damon's baby-in-progress. Finished 7/2/09.
- Ribbed socks for baby-in-progress. Finished 7/3/09.
- Striped pullover for my niece that was more than half-way finished before I realized it would be way too big. Finished frogging 7/4/09.
- Jaywalker socks for baby-in-progress. Finished 7/5/09.
- Black hat for Jordan (nephew). Finished 7/6/09.
- Black hat for Marchell Jr. (sister #2's fiance's son). Finished 7/7/09.
- Beige hat for Mason (nephew). Finished 7/16/09
- White Yogini Bolero for me! Finished 7/15/09.
- Scarf for sister #2 for Christmas. Needs to be blocked. Finished 7/20/09
- Striped pullover for my niece in the correct size. Needs some trim around the neckline. Finished 7/28/09.

I'll be finishing up the last hat today. Not a bad run, if I do say so myself! Although I didn't finish those pesky socks (mostly due to Ella's absence taking up my time), I'm proud of the work I did.

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