Sunday, June 14, 2009

OTN: 06-14-09

My Saturday Story

I started my day yesterday with the casting on of my toe up socks. I’m doing two at a time, you see. I had to restart because I ended up making a mistake on the second row of the toes so I figured I mayaswell not bother tinking. FROG!

Then I did and inch of Charade and the pooling was disgusting, I couldn’t stand it! Seriously. It made me puke in my mouth a little. Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but it was pretty terrible. So, I frogged back the whole inch I’d done to my toe-is-finished lifeline.

Then I began Aquaphobia. It seemed like such a lovely pattern. I worked about an inch and a half of it before I tried it on. You know that feeling you got when you tried on Daddy’s shoes when you were 2? That’s how I felt. Fits a size 7 my ass. My gauge was TIGHTER than the pattern called for and they were ginormous on my size 7.5 boat-sized-width feet. It bears repeating: Fits a size 7 my ass.

So, I ripped back again and marveled at how splendidly my yarn was holding up to repeated froggings. But by now, I had a large pile of yarn just laying on the floor. Whoops. Hubby tried to help me manage by winding one of them up into a center-pull ball. I love my husband, but he has no finesse. I ended up with this weird lump thing that was twice and big as the ball I did. I told him loose, not big enough to fit over my head. Cripes. But still, the yarn (The Unique Sheep Verve in Cherry Blossom) held up nicely. Hubby’s ball quickly and completely unraveled within moments of my trying to knit from it. Oh well. Too lazy to bother with it.

After much hard work, lasting until around 11:30 (my usual bedtime is two hours prior), I’m pleased to announce that my Jaywalkers are coming along splendidly. I’ve completed an inch and a half of the pattern, it fits, and the pooling is actually pretty nice. No more vomiting. Now Lydia remembers why Lydia loves this pattern so much. It just works.

That is my story. If you’ve read this whole thing, I have but one thing to say:

This is time wasted that you could’ve spent knitting.

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