Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Having So Much Fun!

If you're a Ravelry member with anything in your stash that you have ever wondered, "Why did I buy that and what the heck will I do with it?", I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Karma Yarn Swap group. I've only been a member there for a couple weeks now, but I am have so much darn fun! The people on there are great. And it's not just yarn! For instance, there's a great gal on there named Annie (username Cinnamoon) that makes the most awesome draw-string project bags and offers them in certain swaps. There are cool theme swaps like one I started yesterday dedicated to partial skeins. Free-for-alls, only wool, vegetarian, notions, fabric; there's something for everyone! They've made me feel so welcome, and I've gotten some AWESOME swaps in return for stuff I just wasn't loving anymore. I'm in heaven.


  1. I'm in your blog! I'm in your blog! *Does happy dance*

  2. I give credit where credit is due, miss!

  3. Hah! Now I'm reading your blog, too - and don't feel weird or anything due to having mentioned KYS in your blog...I've mentioned it repeatedly on my blog-that-nobody-reads. ;)



  4. What can I say? I love KYS. It is my new home :D