Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Luck

This past weekend, I had extremely bad knitting-related luck.

Those socks from my last post? After turning the heel, I realized that the feet were too short. So I was taking them off the needles in order to frog them back (luckily, I had put in a lifeline) and what should happen? The cable pulled out of one needle.

So, I set that aside until I can get a new set and decided to start on another present, a scarf. I got about an inch in and realized that I hated how thin the yarn was. Frogged it and put the yarn away. Note to self: Do not buy lace weight.

Was starting another present, a hat this time. I went to grab some needles out of my case... and the zipper pull fell off. It will not go back on.

My shipment from Knit Picks randomly went off the map for a few days. Now it's 35 minutes north of me and won't get here til tomorrow. It got there Saturday.

I'm getting a callus on my right pinky from where the yarn rubs. It's very annoying, but I'll live.

Somebody tell me that my luck will turn around soon?

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